Weather for 2'150 locations in Russia

Weather News

2 hours ago, a near gale ( 15 m/s ) with gusts up to 19-21 m/s was observed in Kamchatka in Nikolskoye (Bering Island).

2 hours ago, heavy precipitation (34 mm / 12 hours) was observed in Irkutsk region in Tulun.

During the last 12 hours the minimum air temperature ( -10 oC ) was observed in Sakha (Yakutia) in Sebyan-kyuel.

2 hours ago, the maximum air temperature ( +22 oC ) was observed in Krasnodar kray in Gelendzhik.

2 hours ago, snow depth of 20 cm was observed in the mountainous area in Altai in Karatyurek.